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Sl.No. Name of Child Care Institution District Person In-charge & Contact Details Age Group Sanctioned Strength Actual Strength

(as on 11.09. 2023)

Type of Home
1 Place of Safety,    1-Magzine Road, Majnu ka Tilla, Delhi-110054 Central Mr. Rakesh Yadav (Superintendent)
Mobile No. : 9868414289,
Phone No. : 011-23814278
Email: placeofsafety22@gmail.com
Boys above 16-21 Years of age 60 54 Place of Saftey For Boys
2 Place of Safety for Girls,
Nirmal Chhaya Complex, Jail Road, New Delhi-110064.
West Ms. Archana (Superintendent)
Mobile No. : 9999464828
Phone No. : 011-28520348
Girls up to the age of 18 years 30 0 Place of Saftey For Girls