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Juvenile Justice Board–

Section-4 of the Juvenile Justice Act, 2015 deals with Juvenile Justice Board. It states that,
the state government shall constitute for every district, one or more Juvenile Justice Boards for exercising the powers and discharging its functions relating to children in conflict with law under this Act. A board shall consist of Metropolitan Magistrate or a Judicial Magistrate of first class not being Chief Metropolitan Magistrate or Chief Judicial Magistrate (hereinafter referred to as Principal Magistrate) with at least three years’ experience and two social workers selected in such a manner as may be prescribed, of whom at least one shall be a woman, forming a Bench and every such Bench shall have the powers conferred by the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (2 of 1974) on a Metropolitan Magistrate or, as the case may be, a Judicial Magistrate of First class.

Scope and Responsibilities

The Board constituted for any district shall have the power to deal exclusively with all the proceedings under this Act, relating to children in conflict with law, in the area of jurisdiction of such board. The board responsibility is to ensure that the child’s rights are protected throughout the process of apprehending the child, inquiry, aftercare and rehabilitation. It also ensures the availability of legal aid for the child through the legal services institutions. Board also conducts at least one inspection visit every month of residential facilities for children in conflict with law and recommend action for improvement in quality of services to the District Child Protection Unit and the state government.

1Juvenile Justice Board-I,
Sewa Kutir Complex, Kingsway Camp, Delhi
Phone No. : 011-27651761
Email : jjb1delhi@gmail.com
North-West district
North district
Mr. Mohit Sharma, Principal Magistrate
Mobile No. : 9718906925
1. Ms. Poonam Upadhaye, Member Social Worker Mobile No. : 9873718851
Email : upadhyaya99pl@gmail.com

2. Mr. Chandra Suman Kumar, Member Social Worker
Mobile No. : 9311110824
Email : suman.adv@gmail.com
2Juvenile Justice Board-II,
Behind Ferozshah Kotla Stadium, Delhi Gate, Delhi
Phone No. : 011-23724052
Email : delhigatejuvenilejusticeboard@gmail.com
South district
South-West district
South-East district
New Delhi district
1. Ms. Deepti Dutt Sharma, Member Social Worker
Mobile No. : 9013353583
Email : deepti26dutt@gmail.com
2. Vacant ( Member Social Worker )
3Juvenile Justice Board-III,
Sewa Kutir Complex, Kingsway Camp, Delhi
Phone No. : 011-27650883
Email : jjb3delhi@gmail.com
West district
North district
Ms. Sonam Gupta (Principal Magistrate)

1. Ms. Deeba Naseem, Member,
Social Worker

Mobile No. : 9350836560
Email : deebanaseem@gmail.com
2. Vacant ( Member Social Worker )
4Juvenile Justice Board-IV,
Institutional Area, Vishwas Nagar, Shahdara
Phone No. : 011- 20822347
Email : readerjjb04east@gmail.com ,
Email : ahlmadjjb4@gmail.com 
North-East District
Ms. Preeti Agarwala, Principal Magistrate
Mobile No. : 7042696853
1. Ms. Nidhi Sharma, Member,
Social Worker
Mobile No. : 9953930449
Email : 9nidhisharma@gmail.com

2. Vacant ( Member Social Worker )
5Juvenile Justice Board-V,
Institutional Area, Vishwas Nagar, Shahdara
Phone No. : 011-20822351
Email : juvenileboard5@gmail.com
East DistrictMs. Tanvi Khurana, Principal Magistrate
Mobile No. : 7042696855
1. Laxmi Rani, Member Social Worker
Email : laxmirani0022@gmail.com

2. Vacant ( Member Social Worker )
6Juvenile Justice Board-VI,
Institutional Area, Vishwas Nagar, Shahdara
Phone No. : 011-20822344
Email : jjb6vishwasnagar@gmail.com 
Shahdara districtMr. Prayank Nayak, Principal Magistrate
Mobile No. : 8510045642

1. Tinny Kapoor, Member Social Worker

Email : tkadvocate.kapoor@gmail.com
2. Vacant ( Member Social Worker )

7. Juvenile Justice Board-VII,
Pocket-14, Sec-8, Dwarka, Near Dada Dev Mandir Email : jjb7wcd@gmail.com
Ms. Harshita Mishra, Principal Magistrate

1. Ms. Seema Khandekar, Member Social Worker
Mobile No. : 9810821703
Email : vrkhandekar@gmail.com

2. Vacant ( Member Social Worker )


1 Mr. Devesh Vikram Shukla D/1587/2008 9711415844 dv.shukla05@gmail.com
2 Mr. Dharmendra Kumar Mishra D/235/2008 9717762166 dkmadvocate7@gmail.com
3 Ms. Priya Singh D/2463/2012 9717079089 priyasingh.advocate@gmail.com
4 Ms. Suman Bala D/597/2011 9868907770 suman.clc@gmail.com
5 Mr. Rishabh Kamal D/2551-A/2013 8757722551 rishabhkamal.39@gmail.com
6 Ms. Nikita Trikha D/3830/2014 8368861272 alka.anand629@gmail.com
7 Ms. Pariksha D/4314/2014 9953545417 adv.pareekshasahai@gmail.com
8 Ms. Ambika Gupta F/3474/2013 8860891978 ambikagupta32@yahoo.in
9 Ms. Bharti D/3604/2010 7827821202 bharti2law@gmail.com
10 Mr. Ishaan Bhardwaj D-1934-2011 9717584090 ishaanbhardwaj9@gmail.com
11 Mr. Bairaj Suna D/2166/2007 8287579034 bairajsuna@gmail.com
12 Ms. Tinny Kapoor D/936/2008 9811332400 tkadvocate.kapoor@gmail.com
13 Ms. Shalini D/2351/2007 8368401390 singhshalini654@gmail.com
14 Mr. Ankit Gupta D/2826/2014 9891516188 login.ankit7@gmail.com
15 Mr. Atul Kumar Aggarwal D/1219/2000 7678667061 atul.agg38@gmail.com
16 Ms. Nupur Grover D/2348/2013 7042236620 nupurgrover1988@gmail.com
17 Ms. Sayema Mobin D/2890/2011 8130039776 sayema.mubin5@gmail.com
18 Ms. Shelly Tyagi D/104/2009 9810445039 tyagi.shelly84@gmail.com
19 Mr. Himanshu Kumar D/4169/2010 9555838895 himanshu.jaiswal25@gmail.com
20 Ms. Neetu Tiwari D/1902/2011 8920357653 advocatentlegal03@gmail.com
21 Mr. Ram Singh Nirwan D/63/1994 9891271371 r.s.nirwan.64@gmail.com
22 Ms. Mamta Srivastava   8880872864 advocate.mamta@yahoo.com
23 Mr. Abhinav Jain D/1271/2013 9811838216 jain88abhinav@gmail.com
24 Ms. Kanchan Chauhan D/4255/2014 8130454122 kanchanchauhanad@gmail.com
25 Ms. Aabha Verma D/2061/2010 9711780079 avaabhaverma24@gmail.com
26 Mr. Amarendra Pratap UP/15814/2010 8800781987 indopratap@gmail.com
27 Ms. Jyoti Sharma D/2513/2011 8076235010 jyotisharmaadvocate@gmail.com
28 Ms. Khushbu sahu D/2278/2014 9899699494 sahu.khushbu12@gmail.com
29 Mr. Inderjeet D/1689/2012 9871474277 isinderjeet20@gmail.com
30 Ms. Lekha Saroj Gautam UP/305/2011 8920981085 gautamlekha86@gmail.com
31 Mr. Karan Khosla D/1793/2009 9873465533 adv.karankhosla@gmail.com